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Here's what I Wish I Knew as a Resident

"When I decided to become a doctor, little did I know that medical school and residency would be like a hazing for future physicians." This article, written by Irene Tien, highlights some of the key things she knew when she was a resident.

How a 1996 Law is Causing the State's Doctor Shortage

New Jersey lawmakers sounded the alarm: the state will need an estimated 2,800 more doctors by next year just to meet demand. But they probably won’t come from Jersey, and for one reason: hospitals like Holy Name in Teaneck can’t offer enough openings for residents to complete their training in the state. Written by Brenda Flanagan.

Essential Office Procedures for Medicare Patients in Primary Care: Comparison with Family Medicine Residency Training

The objective of this article was to compare the rates of the most frequently performed clinic procedures for Medicare patients in a large multi-regional health care system (MRHCS) with those in a family medicine residency clinic. Written by Eric Poulin, Andrew Swartz, et al. 

Burnout: A Crisis among Physicians in Training

Just as Kennedy's investment in space exploration yielded unanticipated innovations in technology and teamwork, a team of doctors (Dr. Stephen Russell, Dr. Sanjay Desai, and Dr. Brian Garibaldi) hope the AMA's investment in medical education will yield innovations in physician burnout.

Why Student-Loan Forgiveness is Making Primary Care More Attractive

This article, written by Timothy Smith of the AMA, outlines a recent study showing student loan repayment and forgiveness programs can encourage new physicians to choose primary care specialties.

Ohio State Virtual Reality Training Prepares Residents for Patients with Language Barriers

This article, written by Jackie Drees of Becker's Hospital Review, outlines OSU's new virtual reality training program that helps expose residents to interactions with individuals who speak other languages.

AUA Advocates for GME Funding Bill

In the face of President Trump’s proposed annual budget cuts of $47.9 billion for federal graduate medical education (GME) programs over the next decade, the medical profession is urging Congress to approve legislation to significantly increase federal GME support and help combat looming shortages in both primary and specialty care. Written by Bob Gatty of the AUA. 

Lawmakers Need Guidance to Fix U.S. 'Wealth Care' Culture

This article, written by Scott Wilson of the AAFP, discusses the importance of 'training in place', primary care's effect on life expectancy, and the enormous cost of healthcare in the United States.

Cost of Graduate Medical Education Stifling Ability to Bolster Physician Workforce

This article, written by Steven Ross Johnson of Modern Healthcare, describes how the high cost of GME and the lack of federally-funded GME growth have hindered the nation's ability to strengthen its struggling physician workforce.

Unusual Hospital-FQHC Partnerships Address Payment & Access Issues

This document describes how teaching hospitals and FQHCs can partner to alleviate community healthcare provider shortages and reduce training costs

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